Our belief about Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship​

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of business opportunities beyond the resources currently controlled by entrepreneursEntrepreneurship is the process of creative destruction in which companies develop some combination of new products or new ways of commercializing existing products.

To create a successful and enduring company, entrepreneurs need to do far more than just achieve product market fit. The entrepreneurial process involves identifying an opportunity, arranging resources, executing on the idea, and harvesting.

There are four key elements of any successful venture – People, Opportunity, Environment, and Deal. Each of these four key elements is important.

To succeed, entrepreneurs must achieve excellence in each dimension, and they must have the best combination of these elements for their venture. Most importantly, entrepreneurs will need to make the right decisions to ensure they have the best combination of these four key elements for every stage of their venture.

When you look at any successful company, you see the end result of a complex, uncertain process that worked. Entrepreneurship involves risk and uncertainty.

The external environment is continuously changing. Successful entrepreneurs anticipate changes, prepare for them, recognize them when they happen, and respond to them decisively.


Entrepreneurship is hard. Entrepreneurship is an exercise in building and maintaining trust. The entrepreneurial journey is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. It is a journey – a marathon, not a sprint – and it involves lots of twists and turns. The challenges confronting your entrepreneurial venture will change as your venture evolves. You as an entrepreneur, will need lots of help on this journey.

We as Investors, Board Members, and Advisors can affect the success of your venture in many ways. We will work with you as a team to problem solve the critical issues facing your venture. We will provide good advice and coaching. We will help you make better decisions through our experience and insights. We will guide you to find the potential fatal flaws in your assumptions so you can change your strategy and tactics decisively and timely. We will coach you to avoid the typical mistakes that we see entrepreneurs make.

We have the experience, wisdom, and networks that we will invest in your venture along with investing money in your venture.

Our primary focus is start-up ventures in the areas of Technology, Digital, Healthcare Innovation, and Sustainability. In addition, we also invest in venture capital and private equity funds.

We look for the brightest thinkers with brilliant venture ideas, and we back them for the long term. Connect with us and show us what you have got.